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Greatly Reduce the Frequency of Maintenance Through Providing
the Film with Antifouling Property

While there are various kinds of coating products for auto body developed nowadays, we focus on the paint protection film (PPF) which is becoming more and more preferable by the world market.
After installing PPF, the water stains easily get on the surface of the PPF by itself. Thus, it is necessary to use wax/sealants/cleaners to remove the water stains every 2 to 3 months. Otherwise, the water stains will lead to black stains as a result.
Duraveil is different from the existing glass coatings for PPF which creates a secure protective glass shield over the film without affecting the softness of the PPF. It provides a longer period of protection which means frequent maintenance is no longer required. Just simply washing the car with shampoo is OK.

After PPF has been installed on the hood, we have applied Duraveil on the PPF except for the middle area. This is a photo showing the difference after 1 year.

The Best Match for Polyurethane Materials

Polyurethane is being used by PPF and its weakness is that, dirt can be easily left on the painted surface. Our Duraveil directly deals with this problem by creating a glass coat which is effective towards polyurethane. We have investigated into details by conducting long-term field tests and finally picked up the best materials to deal with Polyurethane, which has completely different properties with the painted surfaces.

A hydrophilic coat is formed on the polyurethane film surface.

Value of the Glass Coat and its Antifouling Property

PPF is different from the painted surfaces in the sense that it is made of very soft material. The existing ultra-hard glass coat is not suitable for forming the glass layer on the soft PPF, so it is difficult for the coating to achieve the expected performance. In addition, although wax and emulsion coating do provide temporary protection, they attract dirt. Eventually the PPF becomes degraded.
Polysilazane is being used as the base of Duraveil, and it is the only non-crystal type of glass coat. We have developed ways to make it effective without damaging the films. As a result, high antifouling property is given to the PPF. Moreover, better stain-resistant condition can be achieved through the self-cleaning function of hydrophilic coat.

Protective Coat Enabled by the Non-crystal Property

The non-crystal glass coat from Duraveil turns into silica glass, as Perhydro-polysilazane (PHPS) reacts with the moisture of air. The mass of crystal types such as silane decreases during transformation into glass based on the volatility. However, the mass of PHPS, unlike the crystal types, grows during the transformation and it creates a balanced glass coat with ultra-high density.


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