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We provide a variety of equipment and also produce new products which are useful and valuable for professional car detailers. We are linked up with domestic and foreign manufacturing companies to offer more valuable products.

  • Company Name : FE TRADE CO.,LTD
  • Date Established : July 1994
  • Capital : 50,000,000 yen(JPY)
  • Address : 75-1 Mirokuji, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 251-0016 Japan
  • Phone : +81-466-50-2422 (Main) +81-466-502486 (Overseas Department)
  • Fax : +81-466-50-2430
  • URL :
  • E-mail :
  • Representative : Koichi Shimizu, President and CEO

We want to distribute car detailing business which grow in Japan to all over the world.

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Company Roots

FE TRADE was established in 1994. Not only do we provide products to dealerships in Japan,
but also assist them with questions about technical details and tell them how to use the products.
Currently, our flagship brand, ECHELON is sold in Asia and Europe as well.



1994.7 Established as Far East Trading Co., Ltd.
1998.10 Changed the company name and organization to FE TRADE CO.,LTD
2007.11 Moved to the present address


Global Strategy

We broaden our horizons to the USA, Europe and Asian countries. We build the relationship with foreign
companies and import speciality products. We also export Japanese valuable products to other countries.
If you are interested in our company, please send a message.



Meeting the domestic user’s needs while cultivating a market abroad

The car detailing business which originated in America, came to Japan about 40yrs. ago.

Around that time we were engaged in the auto detailing business with only a limited selection of detailing tools and chemicals available to the market, which we were not satisfied with.

Recognizing a need for a better variety of quality products and equipment, we at FE TRADE changed our focus to being a supplier to the detailing industry in Japan.

We began importing and developing our own products, with a customer's point of view being the foundation of our development plan. These products would prove to be of better quality and easier to use, unlike what was currently on the market.


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