Completely Inorganic
Pure Ceramic Coating

ECHELON Ver.3.0 is proud to achieve the highest level of hardness and durability among ceramic coatings.
It forms an ultra-thin yet completely inorganic ceramic coating and provides high adhesion and a natural finish while preserving the texture of the applied surface.
The highly hard ceramic coating protects the painted surface from external factors for a long period of time.


The Evolving ECHELONSINCE 2003

The lineage has evolved from ECHELON in 2003 through ECHELON New Version to the novel ECHELON Ver.3.0 to become purer and achieve higher performance.

New Version


Achieving Superior Functionality
With Reliable Performance Based
on Chemistry

ECHELON Ver.3.0 significantly increases its molecular weight during the curing process, forming an ultra-high density coating. Its chemically based mechanism provides excellent weather resistance, scratch resistance and gloss.


Selectable Water-repellent or Hydrophilic Coating

ECHELON Ver.3.0 has the unique feature of allowing you to choose between water-repellent and hydrophilic properties during application. In addition to the base coating that has both weather resistance and hardness, it achieves the desired function by applying a second layer that has water repellency or hydrophilic properties.

Water repellent
The characteristic of water repellent coating is that the water droplets look like polka dots. Because the water droplets roll and flow, dirt is less likely to adhere, and the effect of the coating is more visible than with hydrophilic coatings.
The characteristic of hydrophilic coating is that the water is spread out and flows down. Compared to water-repellent coatings, ion deposits and water spots are less likely to form, making daily maintenance easier.


Maintains a Beautiful Appearance
for a Long Time With Simple Care

The excellent coating properties of ECHELON Ver.3.0 make it difficult for dirt to adhere, and even if it does, it is easy to remove. You can maintain the beauty of your car with just regular maintenance and washing. It also reduces the time and frequency of car wash, making it much easier.

We offer special maintenance chemicals for dirt that cannot be removed by car washing alone. For details, please contact the store where ECHELON Ver. 3.0 was applied.
We also accept inquiries via the contact form.

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